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  • Terry Latham

80% of Women Face Hormonal Imbalance

Did you know that hormone imbalance can lead to chronic symptoms and disorders and may even increase the risk of certain diseases?

Hormones are known as our body’s chemical messengers produced in the endocrine glands. These powerful chemical messengers tell tissues and organs what are their functions. They assist in controlling many of our body’s major processes including metabolism and reproduction. A hormonal imbalance denotes the condition of too much or too little of a certain hormone. As hormones are essential for our overall well being, having hormonal imbalance can affect our body system and create many health issues because hormones can affect everything from fertility to mood to metabolism.

Hormonal Imbalance in Females:

Hormonal imbalance and related health issues are very common nowadays in female. One of the key body systems affected by hormonal imbalance in female is the reproductive system. Woman naturally experience hormonal imbalance thorough different periods of their life including:

PubertyMenstruationPregnancy, childbirth and breastfeedingPremenopause, menopause, and post menopause.

Having hormonal imbalance during these four periods of life of a woman are very normal.

Causes of Female Hormonal Imbalance.

Our body has a very sensitive and delicate chemistry. Changes can trigger health problems. Many hormonal imbalance issues can be traced back to reproductive hormones. Factors can be caused by:

High Stress

Unhealthy Diet


Thyroid Issues

Hormone Drugs (Birth Control Pills)


How can you help your body regain its balance?

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