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ASEA REDOX: Your Ultimate FAQ Guide to Cellular Health and Wellness

Q: What is Redox Signaling?

A: The human body is made up of cells—imagine it is built of Legos. Each Lego represents a cell, and inside each cell is a mitochondria. Mitochondria send out a signal if there’s something wrong with the cell. If you’re building a bridge with Legos and one Lego is broken, the entire bridge is weakened. The solution is to replace the faulty block. That’s what mitochondria are responsible for: replacing or fixing the faulty cell. They do this by releasing a tiny signal called a redox signaling molecule. When this molecule is released, it signals the body’s genes that something needs to be healed or replaced. Redox signaling molecules are produced within every cell in your body and act as either cellular messengers or cellular activators.

The activator molecules carry the messages that tell your cells to activate antioxidants stored in your body. Antioxidants are chemicals (both naturally occurring and man-made) that keep oxidative free radicals in check and prevent them from causing other cellular damage. However, antioxidants don’t work unless activated by redox signaling molecules.

Messenger molecules are responsible for enabling proper cell communication within your body to ensure optimal performance of the immune system. They also activate your body’s immune system to protect against bacteria, viruses, and infection.


Q: If the body produces redox signaling molecules, why would I need a redox supplement?

A: While most ordinary dietary supplements provide only nutrients the human body does not synthesize, the biological deficiencies caused by aging and cellular breakdown go deeper than just nutrition. As we age and encounter stress, inefficient diet, a decrease in air quality, and other environmental factors like these it can cause a cellular breakdown over time, the body’s naturally supplied balance of redox signaling molecules is compromised—creating a need for supplemental redox molecules like those found in ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement.


Q: Is ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement just salt water?

A: No. ASEA is made of two ingredients: deionized water and sodium chloride, which is basically salt water. But ASEA is much more than that. Redox signaling molecules are produced in every cell of the body through natural metabolic processes. Until the 21st century, such biological processes were the only known source of redox signaling molecules. That changed in the early 2000s, when ASEA developed its groundbreaking, patented process to produce redox signaling molecules from refined salt and purified water—making the first and only supplement on the market verified to contain active redox signaling molecules.It has been proven by third-party laboratories to contain redox signaling molecules.


Q: What does ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement do for the body?

A: ASEA Redox supplement is the first and only product in the world certified to contain active redox signaling molecules, which affect gene expression in a positive way. Drinking four ounces twice a day supplements your body’s own redox signaling molecules, helping to protect and rejuvenate cells, and keep cells functioning at optimal levels. ASEA Redox Supplement has been shown to improve immune system health, help maintain a healthy inflammatory response, help maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity, improve gut health and digestive enzyme production, and modulate hormone balance to support vitality and wellness.


Q: Does ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling increase Glutathione Effectiveness?

A: Researchers witnessed an 800% increase in glutathione effectiveness with participants that took ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling supplement.


Q: What is Oxidative Stress and can ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement help?

A: Oxidative Stress creates an imbalance between pro-oxidants and antioxidant systems in your body. An imbalance can be a result of several environmental factors such as exposure to pollutants, infections, poor diet, toxins, and radiation. To counter this, your body utilizes redox signaling molecules to communicate and to help maintain a healthy balance between pro-oxidants and antioxidants. Your health depends on a balance between oxidative stress and antioxidant defenses. As we age, and as stress and environmental toxins inundate our lives and weaken our defenses, normal cellular function declines, and with it, the body’s ability to produce and maintain a proper balance of redox signaling molecules.

Through this process, these molecules support crucial immune system functions, as well as cell renewal and healing at every age, but our ability to utilize these molecules becomes less efficient as we age.

For many years, researchers have explored ways to supplement redox signaling molecules in your body to combat the effects of age, toxins, and environmental stress. ASEA has developed a patented technology that replicates these naturally occurring molecules outside of the body.ASEA products have been researched by medical doctors who have found that ASEA can reduce oxidative stress.


Q: Is ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement Safe?

A: Yes! ASEA is 100% safe and nontoxic. Redox signaling molecules are naturally occurring in the body, so ASEA Redox is native to the body. ASEA has spent millions of dollars on research and studies to ensure their products are safe, and they continue to research and improve all their products. Their products meet the highest level of production standards.


Q: What is the difference between ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement & ASEA RENU 28 Revitalizing Gel?

A: ASEA RENU 28 Revitalizing Gel is a topical use product that includes redox signaling molecules. Our skin renews itself naturally over time—it’s a process of rejuvenation our cells are already programmed to do. Over time, that process can slow down and may need a little boost. RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel encourages that process. It is applied topically to the skin and encourages skin cell turnover delivering tighter, more nourished skin. It has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin appearance, calm skin irritation, soothes muscles, and encourages skin turnover that diminishes as we age.


Q: What is cell signaling?

A: The healthy upkeep of the body depends on communication between cells in every tissue, organ, and system. This vital intercellular communication ensures that messages are delivered and received to modulate cell production, initiate and sustain repair mechanisms, and perform other restorative processes. The molecules involved in this communication are called cell signaling molecules.


Q: How are redox signaling molecules produced?

A: Redox signaling molecules are produced in every cell of the body through natural metabolic processes. Until the 21st century, such biological processes were the only known source of redox signaling molecules. That changed in the early 2000s, when ASEA developed its groundbreaking, patented process to produce redox signaling molecules from refined salt and purified water—making the first and only supplement on the market verified to contain active redox signaling molecules.


Q: Is there a connection between redox signaling and gene expression?

A: ASEA partnered with Taueret Laboratories to study the effect ASEA water had on activating genes. They found up to a 31% difference in gene expression in five genes that have the potential to influence many biological responses. These genes play a role in the immune system, vascular health, digestive enzyme signaling, hormone modulation, and inflammation reduction.


Q: What is gene expression?

A: The nucleus is the cellular “brain,” which holds information about the cell’s specialized function in small segments of DNA called genes. Gene expression is the process by which genetic information is accessed and applied to orchestrate cellular function; without it, cells would be unable to perform life-sustaining tasks. The supplemental redox molecules found in ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement have been shown to affect genetic expression in a positive way, helping to protect, rejuvenate, and enhance cellular function.


Q: How did ASEA develop its proprietary redox signaling technology?

A: ASEA Founder Verdis Norton was first introduced to redox signaling biochemistry while serving on the board of a Utah biotech company. The company’s preliminary work in redox molecule synthesis had produced promising results, but a lack of funds forced them to shelf the project early. Convinced of its breakthrough potential, Verdis and a few close partners pooled resources to acquire the discontinued tech and revive the research. ASEA commissioned its own team of medical professionals, scientists, and engineers to advance the technology, conducting a comprehensive safety analysis and producing a scalable method of production for ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement and future redox signaling products.


Q: Is the technology behind ASEA’s redox products patented?

A: Yes. ASEA has patented the processes used to produce its redox products: ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement, RENU28 Revitalizing Redox Gel, and RENUAdvanced Intensive Redox Serum.


Q: Where are ASEA redox products manufactured?

A: All ASEA redox products are manufactured at the ASEA Redox Center, an FDA-registered, NSF-registered facility located within a mile of ASEA global headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The ASEA Redox Center is owned and operated by ASEA to meet all FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). These GMP requirements are listed in Section 8 of NSF/ANSI 173, the only accredited American National Standard in the dietary supplement industry developed in accordance with the FDA’s 21 CFR part 111.


Q: Is ASEA approved by the FDA?

A: ASEA’s production facility is FDA registered and undergoes regular inspections. This means ASEA agrees to follow all guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration for dietary supplements. Furthermore, ASEA’s facility is kosher certified, NSF registered and GMP compliant.


Q: Who certifies there are REDOX Signaling Molecules in ASEA's products?

A: ASEA is partnered with BQC Redox Laboratories in Spain to certify the presence of active redox signaling molecules in the ASEA® Redox Cell Signaling Supplement and RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel


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