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Keep it Simple.

I am a firm believer that complexity is the enemy of execution.

Although this sentiment is applicable to any industry, it is particularly evident in network marketing. People often feel compelled to reinvent the wheel by devising novel strategies for lead generation or developing new and improved tools and websites. While evolution is inevitable as companies and products grow, there is no need to unnecessarily complicate a process, system, or tool in an effort to leave our unique "stamp." This approach is simply a waste of time.

I encourage my team to adopt the "push play" mindset, which involves utilizing various tools such as videos or recorded webinars when introducing our business. This approach serves two important purposes. Firstly, it eliminates the requirement for everyone to become an expert before commencing their business-building journey. Secondly, it demonstrates to potential business partners that the process is simple and attainable. This inspires them to think, "I can do that too!" If you constantly feel compelled to be the sole creator of new systems and training resources, you may be hindering your business-building progress.

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