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Mental Toughness

While many people believe that being a master recruiter, effective communicator, and great salesperson are crucial skills for network marketing professionals, I believe these skills can be learned and refined over time.

Instead, I consider becoming a master of your emotions as the most important skill in network marketing. Mental toughness is necessary since rejection can wipe out even the sharpest and most ambitious individuals which I believe is the primary reason for high attrition rates in our industry.

As individuals, we often thrive on others' approval and care deeply about what others think of us. Unfortunately, the majority of people you talk with will not understand the potential of network marketing and may ridicule it due to their ignorance. When faced with rejection, it's crucial to consider the source and remember that the majority of people are not critical thinkers and honestly don't understand our industry. I love what Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) author says:

Cynics criticize and winners analyze.

Mental toughness is a journey of becoming more resilient and the best thing you can do is mental preparation of perception and response. Remind yourself rejection and ridicule say more about the prospect than our profession and is not a rejection of you. Your perception of an event is the key to your response to it. In a profession were momentum is key being able to move quickly past the No or the negative response means you are that much closer to the YES!

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