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  • Terry Latham

The Naysayers

In life and especially in business, we often come across people who doubt our abilities, criticize our choices, and express negative opinions about our goals and dreams. These people are commonly referred to as naysayers or non-believers, and they can be a significant source of discouragement and self-doubt. However, it's important to remember that their opinions do not define us, and we have the power to move past their commentary. This can be especially difficult when the naysayers are those that are closest to you.

The first step in overcoming the influence of naysayers and non-believers is to understand that their negativity often stems from their own insecurities or self doubt within themselves. Perhaps they have failed at something and their intentions while good are being projected on you. When people are unhappy with their own lives or lack confidence in their abilities, they may project their fears and doubts onto others. It probably comes from a place of good intention as they are trying to "protect" you. However, remember you are in the drivers seat. Your journey is different.

It is however, essential to surround ourselves with supportive and positive people who believe in you and build you up when you are down and celebrate you when you find successes. When we have a strong support system, it becomes easier to overcome the negative impact of naysayers and non-believers. We can also seek out mentors and role models who have achieved success despite facing similar challenges, as their stories can inspire and motivate us to persevere. This is one of the key reasons we hold a daily morning team call where we share our struggles, wins and questions. It's a community that builds a wall of strength we can rely on within each other. Plug in to communities in your life and invite others to plug in with you. Think of them as your force field or your kryptonite when the naysayers are beating down at the door.


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