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The Truth About ASEA's Ingredients: Why It's More Than Just Salt and Water

ASEA is not just salt and water, despite what the ingredients label may suggest. ASEA is a unique supplement that contains redox signaling molecules, which are not listed as a specific ingredient on the label. The reason for this is that redox signaling molecules are not a single, specific molecule that can be isolated and listed as an ingredient.

Rather, redox signaling molecules are a complex mix of various reactive molecules that work together to help regulate cellular function and promote overall health. These molecules are naturally occurring in the body, but their production can decrease as we age or due to other factors such as environmental toxins or stress.

ASEA is made using a proprietary process that creates a stabilized, bioavailable form of redox signaling molecules that can be easily absorbed and utilized by the body. This process involves combining purified water with sodium chloride (salt) and passing an electrical current through the solution to create a precise mixture of redox signaling molecules. So while salt and water are indeed part of the ingredients in ASEA, it is important to understand that the real magic lies in the redox signaling molecules that are produced through the unique manufacturing process.

These molecules are not listed on the label as a specific ingredient, but they are what make ASEA such a unique and valuable supplement for supporting healthy cellular function and overall health.


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