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World's Only Clay Mask with Redox Signaling Molecules

The absorbent power of the bentonite clay in the ASEA Redox Bentonite Clay Mask prepares the pores of your skin to absorb the redox signaling molecules. The mask's proprietary technology aids with healthy skin cell turnover, protection, and renewal. ASEA cell-signaling redox molecules act as a bio-switch and help your surface skin cells communicate—for a complexion that looks visibly renewed, refined, and more youthful.

But don't just take our word for it. In a recent study, after 15 days of using the ASEA Redox Bentonite Clay Mask, 73% of participants noticed an improvement in their skin’s overall appearance. The majority also saw a remarkable improvement in their skin’s smoothness (88%) and a reduction in oily skin (55%). In just 15 days, 39% noticed an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and 30% noticed a reduction in the redness of the skin.

After 30 days, over 80% of participants reported smoother skin, 67% reduction in fine lines, over 50% reported reduction in oily skin and wrinkles. These results speak for themselves and show the transformative power of the ASEA Redox Bentonite Clay Mask. Grab special pricing today!

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